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Design Power To You
State-of-the-Art ACO Hydraulic Design Software
ACO has brought together years of hydraulic design experience with state of the art cloud technology to now support its product range with FREE secure on-line design software.

This uniquely accurate software puts
design power in your hands.
The program uses the "spatially varied flow" differential equation for steady non-uniform flow in channels to evaluate the backwater curve profile. This equation gives the correct analysis of flow in a channel accepting flow all along it's length, and enables accurate calculation of flow in channels of stepped size. The program also allows the inclusion of end inflow and point inflows into the channel
It should be noted that other software, using empirical formulae such as that from the HR Wallingford Report SR581, will not give the correct results for stepped channel systems; they will considerably underestimate the required channels size.
Discover how new FREE design software allows
you to create more effective plans.
ACO Slope systems - are available with design support. Please contact ACO Design Services on 01462 816666 for more information.
For assistance using this software, please contact our ACO Water Management Design Services Team. Email or call them on 01462 816666